Sammy en concert O’Porsmeur – samedi 30 novembre à partir de 21h30 – entrée libre

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Après la fin de Matmatah et en attendant de finir ses chansons et de les proposer(?) Sammy vous propose de le retrouver en concert pour un retour à ses sources musicales. Une bande son sixties et seventies de chansons qui lui ont donné envie de chanter et de faire de la musique. Des chansons que vous connaissez et qui vous donnerons peut-être à vous aussi envie de chanter et taper du pied.

Appalache en concert psychédélique O’Porsmeur – samedi 23 novembre à partir de 21h30 – entrée libre

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Appalache is a dream. The dream of a french musician named Julien Magot. A dream of freedom. A dream of peace. His music goes towards a glorious cloud of smooth, love and celebration. It doesn’t bask into bad. It has no bundaries. Guitars from the sun take us to the rmament. Gentle layers support. Drums allow to leave matters. Friends join him on stage to glorify joy. Free. Free as a hairy sound wave. In studio, Julien Magot plays all the instruments. Whether you like it or not, he believes that Paul Hogan could be the king of ying crocodiles but overall, he knows that good shoes are required to climb the Himalayas.

October 2013 l BLWBCK043 l Achievement March (Tape)
In the past, Appalache’s music has always been a cathartic treatment for Julien Magot, but this third full-length marks an important turn. Recorded on a parisian houseboat during the heart of summer, these 11 tracks picture a new Julien Magot, healed from his personal demons, full of life and relief. “Achievement March” is about the unstoppable quest of being human, struggling with your daily life and doing mistakes that brings you down, to finally (as he confesses) find peace. By allowing himself to sing on almost the entire album, Appalache avoids his ritual digressions and wins on all fronts, more confident and lively. From the electric opening “Escape Baby” to the strange and gloomy final “Pays Double When You Are Free”, Julien succeeds to bring his new peace all around him and delivers his most spiritual record.

December 2012 | BLWBCK026 | & | BKM06 | Sourire (Tape & CD)
From the naive ‘Kiki’ to the 25 minutes of the epic ‘Mentally Strong, Morally Weak’, Appalache explodes his own musical boundaries. If there’s still the typical Julien Magot’s post-blues delicacy (“Toledo, Oh”, “Marble State Fair”), the parisian one-man band seems liberated from his own chains, exploring a broad spectrum of new tones. You can start to list the different genres of this album doped, garage, shoegaze, kraut, postrock, folk, experimental… until you find it boring and useless. Like a smile* can express a range of emotions, ‘Sourire’ is a kaleidoscopic album with many sides & reflects. If you like adventures this is for you.

July 2012 | BLWBCK020 | Labyrinths Across The Sun (Digital)
When the traveller is back home, he realizes that everything has changed and that nothing will be the same anymore. As warmth was your love, as far you can loose yourself in nostalgia. This personal dilemma inspired the Julien Magot’s new single entitled ‘Labyrinths Across The Sun’, maybe his most powerful track, lost somewhere between Neil Young’s Dead Man Soundtrack and some Expo’70′s stories of desert.

“the only paradise is paradise lost”
– Proust

‘Shimmering Lights’ is featured with Torsten Hüsselmann from Torpedo Holiday. This song is about hope and passion. This is all about the soul sacrifice you make to get back on your own track as much as possible.

February 2012 | BLWBCK012 | Fue (Tape)
If you’ve ever had the chance to travel, you know that it changes your life. After a year on the road, from the jordanian dunes to the asphalt of Nashville, Julien Magot locked himself in his appartement to record ‘Fue’, the first album of his lonely adventure Appalache. If you’ve ever had the chance to travel for a long-time, you know how hard it is to fight against monotony of a daily life. This is maybe the start of this story, a way to escape from the outside world’s oppression, a dream about a dream inside a dream, where flashbacks can be possible futures. More than a story, ‘Fue’ can be the painting of a luxuriant desert under the moonlight, maybe like the one on the Barn Owl’s Lost In The Glare cover. 8 songs for 8 colors, leaded by an electric guitar and indians spirits, both hunting for serenity…

September 2011 | BLWBCK010 | Appalache Goes America 2.0 (Digital)
“Appalache Goes America 2.0, is the second and final part of the sessions I recorded last summer during my South-USA trip. I came back to one and only track of 12 min because I love playing songs that tells a story. And it’s never enough to me.”

July 2011 | BLWBCK008 | Appalache Goes America (Digital)

Appalache Goes America is the latest release from Appalache a.k.a Julien Magot. It has been recorded during a South-USA trip accross Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee. This single is made of two song : ‘Oh Lord Please (no sin no more)’ and ‘Rejoice (in my suffering)’. This is the first album with the tapes I recorded during my trip. There will be more in the next months.”

May 2011 | BLWBCK003 | Drift in G Major (Digital)

“This is a track about life. Life is a movie. So this track is a movie. I decided to do it as a self-experience stuff. My name is Julien Magot and I did everything on this. I love Indians, Blues, Post-Rock and psych-rock here they are mixed all together. Recorded, Mixed, Mastered and Produced at home. Except drums recorded live at Basement Studios.” Cover Photo by Harris, 1938-1939
Cover Artwork by thelifeasjulienmagot

Jazz O’Porsmeur avec Alex de Vree et Erwan Le Fichant – jeudi 14 novembre à partir de 21h30 – entrée libre

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Alliant Blues et Folk avec des accents de Country, Alex de Vree et Erwan le Fichant vous feront voyager dans des textes empruntés aux plus talentueux bluesmen et songwwriters des années 20 à nos jours.

Alex de Vree, artiste singulier de la scène Blues et Folk nantaise, est révélé par le Tremplin Blues des Rendez-Vous de l’Erdre en 2010. Sa voix chaude remplie d’émotions conquerra le public mais également le jury qui lui décernera le 1er prix. C’est aujourd’hui accompagné du guitariste nantais Erwan Le Fichant qu’il se produit. Le duo propose un répertoire coloré alliant Blues et Folk, avec des accents ragtime et country, et interprète avec passion et complicité des textes empruntés aux plus talentueux « bluesmen » et « songwriters » des années 20 à nos jours. De la crise de 29 à celle d’aujourd’hui, du delta du Mississippi des années 1920 aux rives de la Loire en 2017, le ton et le feeling restent les mêmes. De la tradition du Blues populaire à la chanson Folk, chantant le mal-être, les peines et l’espoir, Alex de Vree et Erwan Le Fichant racontent des histoires de vie, entre injustice, plaisirs et souffrances, mais avec un esprit actuel collant à la réalité d’aujourd’hui.